Custom Fit

Improving your game starts with custom fitted golf equipment. At Cawder Golf Club we are experts in custom fitting and will give you a warm welcome, whatever your playing level, taking you through the custom fitting process and fitting you with the best clubs to take your game to the next level.

What is Custom Fit?      

Custom fitting is a comprehensive tee to green program that enables your golf professional to prescribe properly fitted equipment for you, throughout your entire set.  We use distinct driver, fairway, iron and wedge fitting tools that enable us to identify the best club, models and specifications to maximise your capabilities.

Custom Fit Process @ Cawder: 

  1. Initial interview
  2. Evaluation of current equipment
  3. Static measurements
  4. Ball Flight analysis via Flightscope
  5. Professional recommendation based on data analysis
  6. Custom Build Check

Benefits of Flightscope Radar Technology:

  1. Accurate distance measurement
  2. Clubhead speed
  3. Ball speed
  4. 3D Angle of Attack
  5. Launch Angle
  6. Spin measurement
  7. Smash factor - Efficiency
  8. Club optimisation

Our Fitting Philosophy:

Our fitting process considers the individual needs of the golfer, including their physical stature as well as their golfing capabilities, with regard to swinging the club before making any recommendations. We can then guarantee your equipment built to your specific requirements, that help not hinder your game. As fitting specialists for all the industry leading brands, we ensure that you leave with the peace of mind that you have the best equipment for your needs.

Utilise years of experience, our professional expertise and our up-to-date modern technology to take your game to the next level!!

Call the Custom Fit Hotline on 0141 772 7102