Bunker Play

The Tip: 

"The Pro would rather be in the bunker"

How many times have you heard a golf commentator say this, this is their preference, as it allows them to control the flight and spin of the ball, as they have a fair idea of how the sand is going to influence the shot.

Many golfers are defeated before they even attempt a bunker shot because they are scared of them. Never fear, with proper technique and practice, I guarantee you will enjoy being in the sand instead of heavy rough.

When in a bunker you must

  • establish firm footing which also lowers your body and gives you the opportunity to feel the texture of the sand
  • take open stance encouraging an out to in swingpath
  • position ball forward in your stance
  • open the clubface
  • weight distributed more to the left side
  • swing the club back and through the same distance
  • rotate shoulders through impact maintaining loft on the clubface
  • hit the sand 2 inches behind the ball
  • always accelerate through the ball 

Practice Drill - Line in the sand

Draw a line in the sand, take your stance and make some swings trying to make contact with the sand near to the line. This will improve your accuracy and also give you feedback as to where you enter and leave the sand.

Practice Drill - Circles in the sand

Make small circles in the sand each one about 4 or 5 inches in diameter about the same size as a small plate. Now take your sand wedge and hit the circles out of the bunker. Next time place a ball in the circle, forget about the ball and focus only on the circle. This will encourage you to take the right amount of sand just to splash the ball out of the bunker.

Whether you struggle with controlling distance, shot trajectory, ball spin control or just getting the ball out. Let us sort your short game out with simple and effective bunker tips and drills you can take to the course with ease.  

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